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Please send us your zakat to help us do something concrete for the betterment of the disabled persons. We want your Zakat to do more. When you give with Muslim Aid, your Zakat can relieve more hunger, quench more thirst, strengthen more healthcare, and alleviate more poverty.

When you give your Zakat, you do more than just help someone. You give comfort and hope to those struggling to survive. This year don’t just fulfill your obligation: fulfill the potential of your Zakat with Muslim Aid

Your Contribution In The Form Of ZAKAT, Sadaqat & Donations

by sending a crossed cheque in favor of LABARD or by depositing directly in these account numbers:
@ any branch of bank of AL-Baraka Islamic Bank.

Become a Member

Member Registration

Annual Membership
 Annual Membership expires on June 30 every year unless renewed by payment of the relevant fee).

Individutal Member

Annual Fee(Rs)

Corporate Members

Annual Fee(Rs)

Member 2,000 10,000
Silver Member 5,000 25,000
Gold Member 10,000 50,000
Patron Member 25,000 100,000
Life Membership
Payable once in lifetime
100,000 500,000

Become a Volunteer

You can become a part of our workforce and can play a vital role in rehabilitating the disabled persons. Please write to us at and we will call you if we consider your background and expertise relevant to our cause.

Cure a Disabled

There are many disabled persons registered with us who need medical intervention. You can sponsor a patient who is financially weak so that their proper and timely care could be ensured. Many patients have to wait unless we have the funds available and their situation gets worse with the passage of time. Hence timely treatment can make a big difference.

All the Donations and Zakaat can be deposited in any branch of Al-Barka Bank.
The A/C # is 0110273319019.
You can also contact us and we will send our employee at your door step to collect the contribution.

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